Saturday, 16 November 2013

It's been a long, hard week so I'm going to whine, just a little.

I drive the most expensive cars in the world on a daily basis.

Ooooh, hark at him, I hear you say.

   I'm not boasting, it's just my job. As with every other job, there are complete plonkers about and just as with every other job they always seem to get away with the most extraordinarily stupid things. So here is a short list of the stuff that winds me up on a daily basis. This is not the lot but Google's servers couldn't cope, and as these are only my opinion hopefully nobody will sue me to death, or send the boys round.

Ferrari  Who's stupid idea was it to put indicator switches on the steering wheel? Sounds okay if you don't think about it too much. You try indicating the other way when you're half way round a corner. And don't get me started on that gearbox...Stupido

Porsche  The guy who came up with a foot operated parking break for a manual Cayenne should have been slapped. The guy who okayed it should have been publicly flogged...Dummkopfs.

Lexus  Inserting a hybrid engine as well as a petrol motor might sound like a good idea, until you leave so little room that I have to keep filling up the tank every fifteen minutes...馬鹿  

BMW  After driving automatics for years, imagine my chagrin when after slamming the gear leaver into park and getting out, I then had to chase the car down the road because the 7 series has reverse where the park should be...Trottels

Mercedes   Why must merc boots open out as well as up. After you've been biffed on the chin by a marauding boot lid a few times it really loses it's amusement value...Schwachsinnige
Mercedes SLS  What utter simpleton decided to put gull wings on a car meant for the city? Did the designers ever try to open or close the damned doors in the city?...
Give me a Nissan anytime.
Right, I'm fine now. Back to some writing.


  1. Next week my hatred extends to Lambos and masseratis and not forgetting Aston Martins...somebody stop me.

  2. they only look at what might sell, don't they? They don't bother if it will really work.

  3. I'm surprised so many people put up with iot. if I was parting with well over 100,000 pounds, I'd give them some lip.