Saturday, 4 January 2014

Power surges really suck.

I've been really good for the last few day. I've achieved my rather mediocre target of five thousand words per day on Old Geezers Two. So to reward myself I decided to paint another rubbish picture. I use GIMP. I like Gimp mainly because it's easier than Photoshop and because while I'm doing anything the picture resides in a tmp file, so no problems.

   Except tonight I actually painted something good. I know, I hear you say: Rog painting something good, I don't think so.

   And then there was a power surge and GIMP switched off. It didn't flicker or do any computery type stuff but just turned off. I was less than amused but reassured because my prize was in a tmp file. Except that it wasn't. I'd lost the lot.

   Okay, if I did it once then I can do it again. This is mark 2. Utter rubbish, and to make it worse I'll never forget that I actually painted something good for a change.


  1. I like the spider web. Very cool!

  2. Thanks, it took me all day. I should have just dumped the rest, and in fact that gives me an idea.

  3. The irony of life. Doesn't it figure? I think this one's pretty good.