Friday, 24 January 2014

Two completely disparate items.

Over the last ten years I've taken three of my male house pets for neutering. At first I thought I was imagining it and what I was seeing was not really happening.

   Then today my latest pet, Harley the Bengal cat/wannabee puma/complete nut case went to be deprived of his manhood, and I saw it again.

   Whenever the subject, or indeed the act of castrating a male is introduced, the gleam in the eyes of female nurses and vets is almost frightening to watch. 


These are the two images I thought of for my second Kongomato book which is, to all intents and purposes, finished.

   The first was just sooooo boring, and the second not much better. I have to keep the image of the lizard flat for the effect to work. I'm going to put a big red eye and teeth for effect. Is it any better?  Or should I just start all over again?

   The first image is the Tower of London where it all began, and the second, Westminster Abbey where the second ends.

   Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I just got my month's royalties from Amazon. At this rate I'll soon be richer than the mighty Croesus.

33 pence. That's almost 50 cents. Pretty good, huh? 


  1. Hi Roger, I like the second one much better. How about having flames coming from the beast's eyes and making he/she/it a bit larger. I know how scary those things were in the first book, but it doesn't quiet come across in the picture. Sorry I can't offer anything more constructive. Happy to hear it’s nearly finished.

  2. Writing the book was easier than painting the cover. I have a couple more tweaks to do; about three edits and it's ready. Very soon, I hope.

  3. Excellent pay there. You should treat yourself to...what can you buy for that? Mine's about the same. I hope that sweet kitty is ok. Maybe he'll mellow a little. As for your paintings, they're all so much better than I could ever do.

    1. I could buy half a Kit Kat. Stick with your painting. I've seen your new one and it's going to be very good.