Friday, 28 February 2014

Downhill slope.

Finally, and I'm almost salivating at the concept, I've almost finished Old Geezers 2, I'm thinking of calling it "The Back Of Beyond" for reasons which will become obvious to any readers I should be lucky enough to acquire.
     After writing, or at least completing four novels in just over 1 year I can't wait to begin their editing. Never again will I write more than one without finishing it. The experience has been an enjoyable one but compartmentalising what passes for my brain into four different novels with all the scenarios and characters therein has nearly done for me.
     It's not good (as most people except me would obviously realise) to compose in my head the next chapter whilst navigating London roads. It's hard enough to stay alive with one hundred percent attention. So I've learned my lesson. My motorbike is battered; I'm battered but at least I live to fight another day.
    The only thing is, Kongomato 3 calls, as does Old Geezers 3 and Book of Pain 2. and there's another intriguing idea that's been bugging me for ages.

  I never learn.

I might use this, or a part of it for one of my upcoming novels. It's not finished yet but showing some promise.


  1. I can’t imagine how you work on four books at once, how on earth do you remember who is doing what?

    If Kongomato 3 is calling you must be close to finishing Kongomato 2, yippee I can’t wait to read it.

    Interesting picture it feels like something is about to arrive – although what that something is I couldn't say.

  2. I've changed it again but there's still a big yawning hole in the middle. If someone could tell me what's about to arrive I'd happily paint it.
    Yes, Kongomato 2 is currently undergoing edit number five and and 3 is about fifty pages in. Oh how the blood is flying.

  3. Roger: I'm the same. Always working on more than one project.

  4. I'm not doing it again. Oh what am I saying - of course I will.

  5. I love the painting, of course. Hey, no matter where I am and what I'm doing there's a story running through my head. maybe that's why all writers tend to be accident prone and don't hear others when they're talking to us.

  6. Wait! I love Old Geezers. You know I'm waiting for it to come out.