Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fingers working once more.

I've just finished another marathon stint. Another ten thousand words done. All too quickly I know, but I don't want to stop before the muse demands some time  off.

   Here's a couple of paragraphs from Old Geezers Two; them escaping from another entirely avoidable incident one hundred years in the past with some irate soldiers who should not have built an ancient gothic castle if they didn't want my three anti-heroes to trash it.

Moments later they finally reached the still smouldering and hissing Mercedes that would never drive again and with one bound Chet was over, followed a little more slowly by Amon who naturally fell as his shoes fought for purchase on the slick wet metal. Then he jumped clear, falling to the ground and crying out as his chin made sharp contact with the concrete. Abe tripped but managed to retain his feet but now the guards were almost at the car and Chet, seeing their chance dying, fumbled into his pocket.

‘Come out you f…’
Then with a delighted grin he lifted the lid of his beloved Zippo lighter and after flicking the wheel several times, cursing as it failed to catch, screeched in triumphantly before throwing it under the car where he hoped the dark puddle was not just water from the earlier rainstorm.
It was not water. Almost two tons of car, propelled by several dozen gallons of fuel, some in the tank but most covering the road beneath, exploded in a thunderously incandescent roar Chet would have loved to watch at any other time. Now he was content to duck as a piece of what might have been the radiator flashed past his ear at what seemed the speed of sound. About them shards of steel, mostly feet away but some sharp and dangerously close pattered the ground and in several case them as they ran down the gloomy streets to where Chet vaguely remembered was the main road. The explosion had also served the purpose for which it had been designed, or at least hoped. The guards, still on the other side of the car blocking the gates, were caught by the full enclosed blast. How many were killed or injured the three would never know, but judging by the screams of fury, at least three had been injured.

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  1. Oh how I love these three! Can't wait to read more.