Monday, 26 May 2014

Is it time for a change?

I’m wondering whether it’s time to change my routine of the last four years?
     I’m almost finished (and I know I’ve said that many times) the second of my Kongomato series. All my previous books were placed with Amazon first, then after the three month lock-in period, farmed out to all the other sites I use. Yet Smashwords have done so much work for their authors in the last few months that I wonder if I shouldn’t just go directly to them first this time.
     One problem with that plan is that I’ll never be able to go back to Amazon because of said lock-in period, but I’ve received so many downloads from S/W of late that I’m wondering if I should stick with them. Yet if I do I’m denying myself a potentially huge market.
     What does everyone else do? Go with the big A for the three months and then do as I do? I’ve tried without end to market my novels on Amazon and have not sold one for almost three weeks and yet although my sales are not wonderful with Smashwords, I’ve had a great number of downloads of the free part and can only hope that if they ever get round to reading them then they'll actually buy the books.
     If only selling them were as easy as writing, it would all be so simple. But if it were simple, would it be any fun?

      My daughter thinks everything is easy. Last evening she breezily announced that she had to go out first thing in the morning and, by the way, two suspension dampers had failed on her car and could I change them before breakfast? 
    "It's not exactly a huge job," she claimed at my pained expression of woe, "it shouldn't take more than five minutes. If you love me then you'll do it." 


  1. I haven't had the time to try anyone else.

  2. I think I will. I love writing but I'd like to sell a few more.

  3. Amazon always want everything their own way, so I think you should do exactly as you please.
    I hope you sorted out that small thing for your daughter before breakfast! ;0)

  4. Nope. I'll do it another day. If she insists on running with almost flat tyres then it's her own fault if the ride is a bit hard.
    19 and knows it all. Just like me at that age I suppose.

  5. I'd hate to be that young again. given the chance I'd be thirty. Still young enough to enjoy stuff but not old for the joints to be playing up.

  6. Oh, the frustration. I'm loyal to Smashwords but if you don't do Kindle's program when you do sell a book you get half of what you'd get if you were in Kindle Select. I too get tons of books and excerpts loaded from Smashwords but few sales. Your daughter's car troubles - don't know whether to laugh or cry with that one. It does seem like it's nothing at all to get upset about to the young - just go to mum and dad and they'll solve it.