Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Older but not in the least wiser.

I made two terrible mistakes on Sunday. I really should know better. It’s not like I’ve just switched on my first computer; I’ve been building and messing with the monsters for nearly thirty years.
    My first heinous error was in downloading the new version of GIMP from a site other than GIMP.org; the second was to allow Firefox to upgrade itself without first checking to see how much they’d managed to mangle it this time.
    The result: the loss of Gimp, my browser, this blog, and just about every subsystem in my entire computer.
    It’s taken me nearly fourty eight hours to repair the damage, and discover a blog I didn’t even know I had. But now after slapping myself briskly about the face and neck I finally have a working computer. We already know how precious windows can be, and that’s without denying it my undivided attention by eating for the first time in three days - I’m so selfish.


  1. Ugh. When things like this happen to me, I fall apart. it's just no fun trying to fix and reconstruct.

  2. Normally I enjoy it, but this time I felt like taking a sledge hammer to it. Maybe I'm just getting old.