Thursday, 10 July 2014

Complete codswallop

I wrote the first sixty pages of Old Geezers 2 about five years ago but then wandered off into other projects.

    I've finished it now and begun the edit, but it's taken me four days to rewrite the first chapter which is the biggest load of old guff I've ever read - and I wrote it.

    I also wrote another book about twenty years ago which I thought was the epitome of wonderful-ness at the time but never got round to attempting publication. I'm glad. I've just had a look and it's mind bogglingly awful. I did once have visions of rewriting it, and can now see that it wouldn't be a rewrite but a completely new edition now that I know what punctuation is actually for.Talk about passive verbs!

    Has anyone else picked up something they wrote a few years back and decided to re-write, or simply have a look and realised how much their style has changed?


  1. You might be in for a shock, a good one I hope.

  2. I have. I'm amazed how different my writing is compared to years ago. As for Old Geezers 2, can't wait to read it.