Saturday, 26 July 2014

Giving in to The Man

I don’t know if I’m copping out but tonight I deleted my six novels from all sites except Amazon and joined all their schemes. I know it cuts my avenues down more than a little but even though I’ve had hundreds of free partial downloads on smashwords, only seventeen people have actually parted with money, where I’d sold three copies of my new novel, Spawn of Kongomato within hours of putting it up on Amazon. Their self-serving rules are a little harsh but I thought I’d give it a go.
    Although I love writing and will continue even if I never sold another novel, there’s nothing like the rush of selling books as all we authors know.  
    Call me childish but I just love those red spiky lines on the Amazon sales reports. I just wish it would go into double figures once in a while.
     I’ll give it six months or so and review.


  1. Good luck! And do let us know.

  2. Thanks and will do. Funny I have to wait weeks before I can do any special promotions. Wouldn't want to do them out of money - wouldn't do at all.