Sunday, 27 July 2014

Old Geezers 2 is a comin.

I thought I'd include the (probable) opening paragraphs for Old Geezers 2: The Back of Beyond. As you can see my old gits have not moderated either their tone or language. You'd have thought that nearly dying in a world of their own creation might have tempered them a little, but it seems not. 
    I've decided to edit this one first before I start on the Book of Pain.

" ‘You nearly get crushed to crap in an earthquake and then swallowed by a giant slavering monster - just for a lump of Iron Pyrite? You’re a total dickhead!’
Huddled groups of elderly occupants within the large, airy cafeteria shrank in unified loathing as the words of derision echoed about their heads. Such appalling behaviour upset the carefully contrived serenity of their genteel home and cast undignified shadows upon their twilight years. Unfortunately such outbursts were not an unusual occurrence which accounted for the very wide demarcation zone between them and the two old men slumped in the corner. Undeterred and even encouraged, the enormously unkempt speaker cackled loudly before continuing. "

  I've been looking forward to this if only so that I can continue with book 3 which is burning a hole in my head.


  1. Got to love when a book is demanding to be written. Good luck with the edits.

  2. Thanks, my favourite part of the whole process.