Sunday, 10 August 2014

It's that day again.

Day 2 of my mega giveaway and I’m a little depressed. Not about the giveaway, which is going quite well, but because it’s my birthday.
    With the less than appealing promise of a new pair of underpants as a reward for this milestone into antiquity, I just want to go back to bed. I’m depressed. I feel about a million years old. In fact I think I am a million years old.
    And responding to my abject misery, my daughter, never one to resist the opportunity to remind me of my Methuselah-like features, has taken to helping me lift things, or opening the doors for me.
    I bet she’ll even stoop to the extreme level of vindictiveness of making her own bed before the end of the day in an implied threat that shouting might just finish me off. She hasn’t even resorted to the old standby of accusing me of wishing her fiery, awful death even once.
    I don’t care. I’ll survive until the end of the day if it kills me.
    One more day to grab Kongomato for free. Number three is going nicely, or horribly, depending on one’s point of view.


  1. Happy birthday, Roger! Have a wonderful day. :)

    1. Very kind of you. I trying to forget it - and especially my forthcoming underwear.

  2. Happy Birthday, Roger. Put your feet up and let the youngsters wait on you!

    1. Wait on me?????? I was woken by Hurricane Bertha and then requested to make tea for everyone. My reply is not something I'd put down here. It went vaguely along the lines of "No I think I'd rather not." Or something like that. And as for mucking out my daughter's horse because she couldn't be bothered; well I'll leave it to your imagination.