Thursday, 14 August 2014

Old Geezers 2

After I'd posted my conversation with Chet the other day I realised that for anyone who hasn't read Old Geezers 1 it might be a little confusing, so here is the (probable) opening page to the second in the series.

   *Bad language alert.*

‘First you nearly get crushed to crap in an earthquake, then swallowed by a giant slavering monster, and almost get me killed in the process - just for a lump of Iron Pyrite? You’re a total asshole!’
Numerous elderly occupants of the large, airy cafeteria shrank in unified loathing as the tirade of derision echoed about their heads. Had anyone of them actually listened to the words their shock and revulsion would have been that much greater - and their desire to rid themselves of these dreadful men. Unfortunately such demonstrations of loutishness were common and upset the carefully contrived serenity of their communal home, casting unwanted shadows upon their twilight years. Hence the very wide demarcation zone between them and the two old men slumped in the corner. Undeterred and even encouraged, the unkempt and enormous speaker cackled loudly before continuing.
Charles (Chet) Haughey was enjoying himself, especially as it was at another’s expense. Ketchup smeared lips twitched in delight as the target of his malicious humour glared murderously at him. Said target, Amon Macafferty, squirmed almost as much as the other patrons of their collective eatery. Not from the words or the sarcasm, which he’d heard many times before and usually ignored, but from the hideous disappointment of his visit to the assayer’s office after first losing, then finally finding his prize.

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