Sunday, 24 August 2014

The only person of whom Chet is truly afraid.

Fighting mad scientists in inter-dimensional time shifts is just in a day's work for Chet the loudest and strongest of my Old Geezers. However, there is one person who truly terrifies him. We had a brief introduction in Old geezers One. She makes a couple of apperances in number two, but only to pave the way for her starring role in number three.

   Here she is at her most fearsome.

Amon tried not to cringe but failed as the faint murmur from the other residents in the bright cafeteria suddenly faded away. It could mean only one thing. As if an omen, the Chief Administrator of the establishment they were pleased to call home appeared, storming imperiously through the automatic doors almost before they'd finished wheezing open. Elderly guests of both sexes suddenly discovered new wells of energy and scattered before her like debris in a hurricane.
Mrs Weintraub had been to the hairdresser. Gone now was the eternal perm. Today her skull bore the iron sheen of a medieval knight’s helmet, the frightening effect of which matched her colossal size. At well over six feet tall, she did not require armour; her massive muscles alone would have repelled an attack from a small army and that was without a reinforced hairstyle. Chet wondered with amazed awe at just who'd plucked up the courage to do it to her; and further just what the grizzly penalty would have been if the hairdresser had screwed it up. He shook his head against the awful images of a man, or worse, some young woman being eviscerated. It didn’t bear thinking about. Amon resisted the urge to genuflect. He held no religious inclinations of any kind but merely the sight of her was enough to provoke barely subdued terror.


  1. Mrs Weintraub is indeed intriguing! :)

  2. I've always liked her, and her role in Geezers three will be very satisfying - though not for one of them.

  3. lol, I guessed it would be her. If I were Chet I'd be afraid of her too. Typical for you, another fun character.

  4. A cyborg she might be but she has a real girly streak, but only towards one of my geezers.