Friday, 5 September 2014

Woe is me.

I had a major clothing malfunction today. My favourite shirt is dead. It cost me 600 Francs in the days when Europe used real money and not that Bit coin currency they have today. I loved that shirt. It offered me just an inkling of cool as that little crocodile, or alligator winked confidently up at me. I’ve always taken care of it and pressed it nicely, but now it’s gone.

    And I’ve only had it for twenty six years!!

    But my misery isn’t over. A really cool pair of Levis I bought in Paris have almost gone the same way. That shirt, my thirty year old jeans and an equally as old pair of cowboy boots I bought on Rodeo Drive are nearing their end. 
    I’ll just have to do the unthinkable. The very thought fills me with horror, but I’ll have to bite the bullet. I always knew the days would come. For all this time I've avoided doing something which my wife and daughter live for.

    I’ll just have to buy some new clothes.

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