Sunday, 7 September 2014

Done it - again!

Yahaay. I’ve just finished another edit of Old Geezers 2. I don’t know how many that is, about a million I think. Is it still 2014?
    This time, despite believing I’d got it all right last time I had to rewrite an entire chapter at the end. No matter, I think it’s better, and more logical. I still have another few passes to make but it’s getting there. And I hope, will be the best thing I’ve ever written. But then I hope every new novel will be the best thing I’ve ever written, as do, I suppose, all writers.
    Now I’m taking a few days off to do some painting.
    I know, a crime against art, but I do love it.

     While we're on the subject of writing - not that we were, but I was, I'm soon to begin the next round of edits of my newest novel, The Book of Pain as soon as Geezers 2 is published. But before I do I'm considering doing the same for number three in my Three Hoodies series. 
    Numbers 1 and 2 didn't sell that well so I decided to leave the third on my computer and write it off. But I've changed my mind. So I will publish it, just 'cos I can.

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