Saturday, 25 October 2014

Disappointed but not really surprised.

A few months ago I posted my intention to give up all my avenues of publication and concentrate purely on Amazon and its affiliated programs. Since then I’ve done my bit, withdrawn from all business in direct competition with them and advertised all my wares with Amazon as their sole place of purchase. My sales were not great, and in fact it doesn’t even require two fingers to count them all: 5
     Reluctantly, only because I’d hoped for some improvement, I’ve now un-ticked the shackle boxes and on the 20th Jan 2015 I’ll be free once more. My sales weren’t exactly stellar before but at least people knew my name. These days, if someone Googles my name, all that comes up is a politician in the West Midlands of England, who is in all probability a really decent bloke – but not me.
     I know that Smashwords don’t have the sales figures of the mighty ‘A’ but at least with them I get a mention on Google for free. And although if I type in any of my books now the results will tumble out, it’s not the same as someone hearing of some geezer called (me) who might be a writer, then after typing in the name, receiving an entire list of my novels. That kind of coverage costs real money  - but not with Smashwords.
     It was worth the effort and I’m glad I did it but it’s time once more to saturate all avenues especially as I have two new novels about to hit the market. For all of you who prefer Amazon then good for you and I hope you sell millions. It’s just not for me, at least not as a sole vendor.


  1. Morning Roger how did your visit to the dentish go? I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading this post, very informative for me . As for words like Git and Geezer they are a bit alien to me,I will download " Old Geezer to my Kindle, and see where that takes me? As I said enjoyed your post. agman

  2. Thank you, Sir. The dentist was a trip to hell. Despite undergoing the same procedure many times this was the worst, and hopefully the last since I have few functioning molars left. Git and geezer mean essentially the same thing, ie a cantankerous old (insert your own adjective). I hope you enjoy my three old reprobates; they're all just different facets of me.

    1. "A Cantankerous old git on his way to hell" got to be a good title for a blog? be well. agman

  3. That's why I've never opted for the Amazon program but you did sell more in one month than I usually do. Personally, I like my freedom and not being tied to Amazon because I don't think they do that much to help us Indie authors.

  4. Bugger all, I believe is the technical description.