Saturday, 22 November 2014

Will Santa bring me new fingertips.

I’ve just finished the penultimate edit of Geezers 2. I’ll begin the next immediately because I want to get it up by Christmas – so to speak.
     I was hoping to have two ready but as things never go to plan I’m lucky this one’s even close. I may have mentioned this before; in fact I know I’ve droned on about it ad-nauseum, but I never cease to be amazed at just how I can miss so many errors no matter how many times I go through the book. But finally I think it’s right.
     And luckily my brief tenure to Amazon is almost at an end. Ever since I temporarily sold my soul to them a few months ago I’ve only sold one book. That might very well be because my writing is rubbish but I prefer to believe that my novels are buried beneath the tottering mountain of other works they’ve received from people like myself or copied from out of copyright collections. Whatever, soon I’ll be back to Smashwords, Nook, iTunes, and all those other outlets I can barely remember. They didn’t pay my bills but at least a trickle of sales always made me happy.
     In a few days I’ll be putting links up to all the novels in my bookcase at the top. Christmas is coming and all those books are well worth a read, and I believe they’re all at a very good price for the festive period. And if anyone else wants me to publicise theirs at the same time, fell free to send me your links. I may have to do it in several posts but it’s no problem.


  1. Marketing our books is also a hard one. And I'm unindated with Indie books to read and review. Sometimes I'm up on my game and sometimes I'm not.

    1. I don't really have the time to review anymore, but I'll put up any links provided the subject matter of the book is not of the type I wouldn't want to read myself. That's quite a wide range, but there are some things I draw the line at.

  2. Amazon. Sigh. They're like men. We can't live with them and we can't live without them. As for the editing, I can't wait for that book to be out. Love those old men. It's not new fingertips that I hope Santa will bring but new keys for my overworked keyboard. They squeak and what's worse, I've worn off the letters. Writers. What can I say?

  3. I usually go through three keyboards a year but the actual keyboard itself usually falls apart before the letters fade away. I wouldn't want to get in the way of one of your fingers.