Saturday, 13 December 2014

And heeee’s back.

Finally after the week from hell I can return to my computer. What with people flinging themselves madly at me in London, daughters flinging themselves off horses a lot nearer to home and the impending threat of redundancy – as always at Christmas - I’m strangely still looking forward to it. Not Christmas, I hate this time and all the disasters it always brings, but the approaching return of my soul from Amazon.
      I haven’t sold a book in weeks. Bereft of buyers, you might say. Restricted for readers, a veritable deficiency of delvers.
      Not that every customer of Smashwords, Nook, Barnes and Noble & iTunes is going to injure themselves in their haste to buy my every book on the 3rd of January, (I wish) but I have to meet them half way and actually make them available.
      I’ve been compiling a list of my favourite novels and where to buy them. I didn’t want to do it too early since the dreaded time was still too far away, so I’ll put them up in the next few days. And it’s not just the books I like. There will be every type of genre featured, enough in fact to enthral the eye, beguile the bookworm, stupefy the scholar. 

     I’m going to go now before my keyboard melts.


  1. Love your writing. What a fun post. I'm glad your life has sort of settled down and I'm looking forward to your list of fav books.

  2. Glad you shall soon be free of your amazon slavery :)

  3. Just to get me back they sold a book for me the other day. But it's too late; and they won't even tell me which one and I'll be buggered if I can find out myself.