Sunday, 21 December 2014

My annual round-up of boooks - as it's Christmas.

Welcome to my first annual book list and, as it's Christmas, what great gifts they would make.

Poetry My first, and only love in poetry are sonnets. In these two delicious collections you'll find sonnets but accompanied by many multifaceted and beautifully crafted verses -  including haiku's. Fast, slow, happy and sad. All are here and written with such passion that they will take your breath away. Apart from a book of sonnets by Shakespeare, these are the only two books on my shelf.


Humour and action. Just my cup of tea.

The first in a hopefully long series. Love action and dragons. What more could anyone ask for.

Welcome to the sassy and sexy world of Vampires. Slick, funny and deadly.

My daughter loved this and says it's great, and she knows her stuff.

And last but not least for this edition. Remember all those wonderful books you read, or even missed as a child? Well there's only one place to find them all. For beautifully presented memories from and for all ages, try Marchhouse Books.

Part two in a day or so.


  1. Hello Roger, I’m going to be taking a few days off over Christmas and the New Year, so I called in to wish you and your family a Very Happy Christmas – never expecting to see March House Books included in your post – thank you so much I truly appreciate it.
    I’ve read a couple of the books you mention but not all of them, so I must try to put that right next year.
    Have a Wonderful Christmas, see you in 2015, Barbara.

  2. Thank you and have a good Christmas yourself.Whilst editing my two latest 2 novels I've been toiling away at Kongomato 3. Nowhere is safe from destruction and absolutely oodles of gore.

  3. Thank you for showing two of my books, and I love Barbara's site and Kay's poetry, and Mark's writing, and - oh, what the heck. I love most books.