Monday, 22 December 2014

Annual book round-up part 2.

Now for the second part of my fave books which will make great presents, and not just for Christmas, and another not, not just for others. Indulge yourself with these wonderful books.

Part one in the Light-Bearer series. Bloodletting, adventure, intrigue and mystery. These are not to be missed. And I know, my daughter is making me buy them all.

Part two of hopefully many more. Dragon slaying, love, romance and mystery.  I preferred the slaying and death but there's something here for everyone.

Unfortunately Lindsey is no longer with us, but there's no better way to remember her than by reading this book. Time travel and love with a difference. An intelligent, well written novel. I'm finally getting round to the next, and sadly, last.

If fantasy's your gig (and it is mine) then these are for you. Part one of a trilogy, I loved it. On par with anything from Raymond E Feist, and that's as good a compliment I can think of.

An intriguingly different approach to the concept of conjoined twins. What if one wanted to be separated, but the other not? A terrific read.


  1. Thank you for showcasing me. These all look like interesting and fun reads. There's just not enough time in the world.