Monday, 29 December 2014

The Book of Pain is finally finished.

At last my longest, hardest and what I truly hope to be my best novel is finally done, finished, ended, concluded.
     It's been a hard slog, what with writing two completely different endings, polishing both, then deciding which I would use.
     Unfortunately, after rechecking the end of my my subservience to Amazon, I discovered that it isn't the 2nd of Jan, but the 20th. As we all know they don't make it easy to find anything, so I might as well go through it again. I'm as happy as I'm ever likely to be with the plot, the structure, the ending and my first and probably last sex scene, but I'll bet I can find more errors to fix - so I might as well do it again, and then publish to Amazon and Smashwords on the same day.

     Now for my next problem. My Three Hoodies series hasn't been as successful as I'd hoped, so I'd previously decided not to publish the third. But then I thought, as it's finished, why waste all that work. So I'm going to finish the final edit and do it. My beta readers said it was funny, which was the point of writing them after all. This is the cover - probably. I'll just inject a little more terror into their flight across the road.

 And, although I've already begun another three novels: Geezers 3, Kongomato 3 and an end of the world disaster, I'm going to take a few weeks off and do something I should have been doing every single day; which is to actually advertise my books.


  1. Yay and congrats!! I love the Three Hoodies, by the way ;)

  2. That's very kind of you to say so.

  3. Congratulations Roger, it must feel great to have it finished. I very much enjoyed the first Three hoodies book but have to admit I’ve not read the second one, time is just so short and the TBR pile is just so tall!
    I hope the advertising goes well. If you ever want to include a post on my blog, I would be delighted to have it. Something about your childhood and the things that influenced your writing – with photos if possible would be perfect (rather like Donna or Claudine did). I would be happy to include links to your books/blog etc.,
    I’m not going to post anything more until the end of January now but any time after that would be good.
    This link will take you to the guest posts where you can see the kind of things I like to include

    It just occurred to me. They are all women writers so it’s about time a man had a go!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Barbara.

  4. That's very kind and I shall certainly take you up on your offer. See you next year - so to speak.

  5. Of course, I'm a huge fan of your Three Hoodies series, but then I'm a huge fan of all your works.