Thursday, 22 January 2015

What is a table?

I put all my books back on Smashwords the other day with no problems. Then they sent me a message telling me that my new novel, The Book of Pain had failed the Epub test because it was full of tables.

   That's news to me. I don't even know what a table is, unless they're referring to the pieces of furniture upon which I store my beer, and somehow I don't think they are.

   So I did the nucelar clean up, which I hate because it takes me hours to put it back in a readable condition. I finally finished about midnight, and am now waiting for their verdict.

    If they really do want me to move my beer then I'm staying with Amazon.


  1. If you use the little backwards P in the toolbar on word it will show you where the tables are and then you can just delete them :p a table is used normally to line up text in columns and such, like people sometimes use for a table of contents.

  2. Thanks for that. I've never done what you described so I don't know how they got there. Anyhow, Smashwords has now accepted B/o/p for premium catalogue so I guess the nuclear option did work.Let's hope all the free downloads of the 20% pay off.

  3. We learn a lot from Joleene, don't we? I didn't know this either.