Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I felt like I was doing something illegal

Here's my book posted on the bridge with all the other flyers in my village. At first I felt like I was doing something illegal until I looked around to absolutely nobody taking any notice of me. I also put the flyer in a local shop which advertises everything on it's front window.s

   So if they can find someone who wants a Somalian, polish speaking nanny then surely there must be someone who'll see and want to buy my book. The shop add cost me £10 for five weeks, meaning I'll have to sell about fifteen books to break even, but you know about  spending and speculating and all that jazz.

    If it works my next post will be from my new private jet on the way to the Bahamas. Or, more realistically, I'll let you know tomorrow from my poky little writing hole at the top of the house, surrounded by bats, and the cobwebs, and the things that go slither when it's really dark.

I know, it's a bit pathetic, but if I cover someone else's poster up then they'll just rip mine down.


  1. Me, too. I would have crossed my toes but it hurts too much.

  2. good luck! :D I tried flyers and such a few times in Bolivar but I was pushing paperback copies waaaaaay back then so maybe ebook versions would ave sold better.

  3. I haven't sold a million yet, but if I do I won't need to post it because you'll hear my scream of joy from over there.