Sunday, 10 May 2015

It's only been ten minutes since I finished Kogomato 3 but...

I'm taking a couple of weeks off before beginning the first re-write of Kongo 3, so in the meantime I'm going to do a couple of hundred pages of Old Geezers 3, the finale of my third trilogy.

   My heroes (?) have finally been caught out and have to pay the bill for all the life enhancing drugs they've been receiving from a previously benevolent pharmaceutical company, and now the adventure of their lives is at hand.

   Here's a little snippet.

A rough hand awoke Abe. As usual all his lights were off, and having forgotten to bring his alarm clock it was difficult to tell what time it was.
‘Drag yo skanky ass outa bed.’
As always Chet’s mood worsened with inverse proportion to the hour, so it must be really late, Abe decided. As if to remind him Chet’s calloused hand rocked his shoulder again hard enough to make his head shake.
‘Quit it, I’m up, already.’
Shambling to his feet Abe snatched up his dressing gown lying at the foot of his bed while Chet wandered the small room cursing softly to himself.
‘What is it? Finally Abe was awake, and angry. Back in the retirement home he’d compensated for Chet’s annoying habit of barging into his room at all hours by the fitting of an extremely strong lock. This security was not afforded him here, wherever here really was.
‘We’re goin'.’ Abe steadied himself against the bed as he attempted to decipher what his rambling friend was talking about.
‘What, we’re leaving? They told us that if we wanted to keep getting the drug then we’d have to stay...’
‘No, we’re going up, or out into space, or whatever the hell it’s called.’
‘What, tonight?’ Abe didn't even try to hide his excitement. Like time travel this was something he’d always wanted. His first dream had been achieved several times now and that had not been quite as exciting as he’d imagined. But space?
‘We're goin’ right now. I’ve got Armpits outside. Are you still up for it?’ The slightest tremble of fear in Chet’s voice was enough to reveal his doubts about agreeing to all this.
‘I’m in. Let me get my kit on and I’ll be ready.’ He made to turn away but Chet’s strong hands once more prevented him.
‘Don’t need you normal duds. They’re giving us new ones. Let’s head on out.’ Silenced by the suddenness and immediacy of it all Abe was unable to hide the surprised, but excited grin as he followed Chet outside to the deeply carpeted but dim corridor where the small grimy shape huddled in the corner, trying desperately to sleep, turned out to be Amon. ‘C’mon you old fart. We’re goin’ to the final frontier and all that crap.’

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  1. I so love these guys. This is a great snippet. I can't wait for the book.