Monday, 4 May 2015

I've lost my monsters.

Well, actually I haven't, but my characters have.

    Half way through the final chapter in the final novel of my kongomato trilogy it suddenly came to me.

    I love it when this happens. You, that is I, spend an entire book working up to a specific point, ie the end, when something else occurs to me. I can't wait to try it on for size. And if it doesn't work then I can always go back to my original ending which is quite a lot less bloody as I recall. This way I can indulge myself.

   Now the ending is going to take me a couple of weeks longer but not to worry. I'll leave the first edit for a while and get on with the ending of Old Geezers 3 the other finale of another trilogy, which will coincide with the other final trilogy wot I rit: Three Hoodies 3, all of which I plan to publish together hopefully by Autumn. I know I shouldn't publish more than one book together but as they're all different genres, I hope it will make no difference and as much as I love them all I'm ready to move on. Five books are bouncing around in what passes for my brain and I'm anxious to begin my end-of-the-world saga.

    This is the current cover for Progeny of Kongomato. It isn't quite finished and I may not use it at all, but I enjoyed painting it.