Monday, 10 August 2015

I have to erradicate someone.

I hate it when this happens. I spent a couple of days inventing a character; his likes and dislikes, his skills and attitude. And now, on the second edit of my final Kongomato novel I realise that he has to go. Can't be helped. If I keep him in I'm going to confuse people. I'm confused myself pretty much all the time so I hardly even notice anymore. 

   It will also mean rewriting at least thirty pages of the novel. That is exactly what editing is about but I always hate killing off someone I've invented. Perhaps I'll use him again in another novel - after all he's very useful with guns and explosives. And after what he did to the creature on the bridge, I'm hesitant to annoy him too much.

    I might interview him to see how he feels about it. He has quite a dirty mouth so there might be a lot of bleeping.



  1. That would be fun to see an interview from him!

  2. I'm going to edit the book one further time before I finally decide on the awful act.
    But I'm already working out the questions.

  3. I hate when I have to edit out a character. But sometimes there's just no choice.

  4. None. He's going in the next edit.