Friday, 25 September 2015

An age old problem - it's too short.

I've just finished the first edit of the last in my Old Geezers novels. I added another twenty three pages of descriptions and other sundry items I missed on the first draft in my hurry to get down a coherent story, but it's still too short at 72000 words - barely a novella, really.

    So I'll have to begin again. I would have begun again anyway as I edit all my works more than a dozen times. The problem is that with all my novels I like to keep to a minimum of 100k words as apparently that's what mainstream publishers (whatever they are) recommend or expect of a published novel(ist).

    The story is complete. All sub plots sealed, all plot holes gone and all detritus effectively cleaned out. I'm not sure what to do unless I begin all over again with a fresh eye as if it's the first edit and hope to see what's missing. I sometimes wonder if I'm taking this writing business too seriously, and then remind myself that unless I'm just writing for myself and actually want sales then it is a business.

    Right, that's my little whine over with. Back to edit number two. Just a moment...either I've got wind, or just had a brainwave.

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