Saturday, 19 September 2015

Introducing another compilation from the Ink Slingers League.

After last year's free compilation from the members of the Ink Slingers League: Strange Portals  


This is our new Halloween based freebie.


    Most readers (me included) are reluctant to expend time - and money, on new authors in case they don't like the writer's style or genre.

    Now you don't have to. This collection new from the Ink Slingers League is completely free and will allow you taste our wares without parting with a cent (or a penny in England).

    It will be on Amazon and Smashwords on the first of October. So why not have a look? You might find an author you'll love. I'll post the links as soon as they're available.

    As always many thanks to Joleene Naylor, author of the wonderful Amaranthine series for putting it all together, who also did the marvellous cover again.


  1. I love these anthologies. It's so much fun reading short stories by so many different authors.