Saturday, 19 December 2015

My last ever book cover.

I've been painting for about five years and slowly getting better at it - but - I'm never going to be good unless I devote more time to learning the basics. So once my three final trilogies are finished I'm going to take a year off writing to learn how to paint.

    People are familiar with my style now and apparently that's important, which is why I've done this one the same way. My next novel's cover (whenever that may be) will be completely different, and hopefully good.

    Thus here is the cover (maybe) for Old Geezers Three. I worked long and hard on the title so that people won't know exactly who's revenge is being wrought unless they read it. I hope I've come up with an interesting ending.

    So here it is, and I'm not going to mess with it again - probably.


  1. Thanks, Jo. Maybe I'll give up on painting completely and get you to do mine. I'll know in about six months if I'm ever going to be any good.

  2. The cover looks great! lol, those three.