Sunday, 24 January 2016

I'm really beginning to dislike editing.

Despite my belief that all my new books were finally error free my wonderful beta reader showed me the error of my ways. So I've just finished another edit of one of my last three and tomorrow I'll begin the next. The impulse to spend the rest of my life doing it is strong but I know I've got to stop eventually.

    Especially as I've finally decided that after twenty five years of building my own computers I'm going to let the local computer shop do it for me. The nerdmeister claims that Windows 10 is rubbish and wouldn't I prefer one of the numerous Win7 DVD's he's got lying around the workshop. 
    No way I said, or something approximating that. I waited until that Vista rubbish finally sank into the hole from which it should never have emerged. And then almost bought Win 7, except that Win 8 arrived about twenty minutes later and I hated that almost as much as Vista.

   So now he's offering to build one exactly to my specs for a moderate fee, and finally I'm getting a solid state hard drive. No more of that three hour boot up time for XP.  He's absolutely guaranteed that the new one will be ready for action less than thirty seconds after my feverish finger prods the go button. Can't wait.
    But I'm denying myself the pleasure until all three books are ready and not riddled with errors. 

    It's gonna be a difficult few weeks.


  1. The pain will be worth it - I hope. But knowing my luck Windows 11 will appear about a nanosecond after I buy it.

  2. Happy New Year Roger. I’ve just returned from a two-month break and am attempting to catch up with my online friends and come to grips with Windows 10. My dear hubby insisted on installing it for me – I was not best pleased! I’ve missed several of your recent posts but hope to read them all in due course.

  3. Well thank you. I hope you had a good time. There haven't been many blogs since I've been working about 14 hours per day. But as soon as the three new books are up I'll be back. Just finishing the fourteenth and final edit of Kongomato 3 as we speak.

  4. Errors just seem to appear, don't they? Glad you got the books done though, even with your work schedule.