Sunday, 31 January 2016

Finally joining the big boys.

Not only am I buying a computer fast enough to bring me out of the dark ages, but finally I'm getting fibre Broadband.

    'So what?' I hear you say.

    You have to remember that this country has the slowest broadband speed in the known galaxy. My upload speed is about 75K - I could write faster than that. And my fastest download speed has never risen above 4Mbit, and that's in the middle of the night, on a Sunday, on a holiday and providing there isn't anything on the TV that anyone in the entire country wants to watch, and that FaceBook and Twitter are both off line at the same time.

    Ten years ago I worked for a company whose head office was in Singapore, and they had a broadband speed (then) of 1 Gbit and they thought it was boring. "Well doesn't everyone have the same speed?" they demanded, knowing full well that everyone else didn't.

    So tomorrow I'm switching to fibre, and do you know what my pitiful demand was of the service provider? I wanted an absolute guarantee of 10 mbit, because I have a teenage daughter.

    "Well, it might be a bit tricky but I can perhaps get you...

    "No, I want ten - minimum."

    You'd think I was asking for the world and not something the rest of humanity takes for granted.

    Can't wait. No more buffering for five minutes just to see the pop up adds for things I don't even want so that I can turn them off.


  1. my download is 33.25 Mbps and upload is 31.95 Mbps now that they have updated our router. before hubby says it was 15. I'm happy at anything over 14.4K (not a typo) which is what I had for years (from 2005 - 2012 I think it was) I couldn't even watch youtube videos. It was sad.

    1. You think 14.4 was slow. I used to have a 7.7

  2. I remember the days of dial-up. I try not to, but I do ... and now I'd never want to go back, although my aging laptop is trying to drag me that direction.

  3. My current provider is almost as bad as dial-up but they've promised me upto 90 but with a guaranteed 39. Not great but a zillion percent better than I'm getting ow.

  4. I get impatient with slower speeds. I'm found clicking my mouse repeatedly and using a few choice words, which for some reason, slows it down even more or freezes it. Can't figure out why.