Saturday, 13 February 2016

I've finally got it.

I kept on using Windows XP because it worked. Then Vista came along and it was rubbish. So I decided to wait for 7, and that was good but ten minutes later along came  8 which was just as bad as vista. Thus I decided to wait until the next one if the gears on my old machine didn't strangle me out of sheer pique. And now I've got it. And I hate it.

    I was happy with windows 3.1. admittedly that was a couple of centuries ago but it worked and didn't annoy me.

    However, I've said the same thing for every platform Windows ever came up with so eventually I'll get used to it - maybe.

   All my new novels are finally out and I'm so relieved. I try to make every new one the bestest thing I've ever rit, but this time I tried even harder since I may become so infatuated with painting and computer programming (if windows 10 will ever let me get on with it) that I don't do anymore.  But I know that's not true as I have six new novels all jostling about inside what passes for my brain; and one in a completely new genre for me.

    My darling daughter of whom I've scribbled from time to time, suggested a new genre for me.

    'Why don't you write something that's actually good for a change?'

   Did I mention just what a load of old tosh Windows 10 is?

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  1. I'm loving my Windows 10 now, after getting used to it, but it has several 'features' that I don't like. What an interesting genre - good for a change. lol