Sunday, 7 February 2016

Finally and completely finished.

I said I wouldn't, just like every writer, but I reedited for the thirteenth time and found many more errors in my three new novels. I've no doubt that if I did it again I'd find more and as much as I'd like it to be perfect I know for certain that I've never read an entire book in my life without at least half a dozen. 

      But this time it's done and over the next few days I'm going to upload them and then go and buy my new computer. The valves and gears of my decade old machine are finally beginning to rust and it's time for a new one.

     The shop which promised me something better than that which NASA would ever hope to possess turned out to be useless. Well not useless but about three times more expensive than NASA could ever have afforded. So it looks as if I'll do what I planned before: go out and buy a cheap one and simply upgrade it myself.

     Regardless, my new fibre broadband begins in a few days with an absolute guaranteed minimum of 38 Mbit and a hopeful max of 90. 

     Can't wait. Windows 10 and a machine that takes less than an hour to boot up here I come, and a year of painting and game programming -  and a little bit of self promotion to get my books sold.

    I ought to give that a lot more effort now that the pirates have begun stealing my work because my sales are abysmal.  But for the moment I'm going to rejoice.


  1. All done, finally. Onto painting.

  2. Good luck with everything Roger. I hope your sales improve, and your painting goes well.

  3. Thanks very much. All three new books are on sale now and as soon as I figured out windows 10 I'll begin painting.

  4. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? To get the books done and published. And then comes another story. What surprises me is the errors that somehow appear after the bezillionth edit - or in my case, after publishing.