Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Finally got round to it.

After years of thinking about it; even more years of planning, and still more of putting it off, I've finally got round to writing the computer game I've always wanted to do. No zombies yet and I can't get a proper screen shot so I took this with my camera. 
    I've only been able to do it now since I finally upgraded my new computer into something approaching functional. Can't wait, blood, guts and zombies. Or maybe not. I've been tinkering with a post apocalypse game. Are there zombies after the apocalypse?


  1. Is there something symbolic about three gravestones or did you get fed up of doing them? :-)

  2. There will be more. That grey mess to the left if an open grave. It's going to take weeks for me to build the world before I do the minor detail.

  3. Interesting. It fits your personality.