Friday, 1 July 2016

Beaten at the start.

Last week I made the prideful boast that I'd come up with a completely new idea for my end-of-the-world novel. Well I haven't, and didn't because it's been done. So technically it wasn't stolen since someone else wrote it before I'd even begun.
    Well Hah! I say. Hah! Last night I was perusing my rather large stock of novels and short stories that never got further than the initial brainwave stage and came across an idea that trickled into what passes for my mind over a year ago and completely forgot about. Deep within the murky papers - and one floppy disc there it was. So I'm going with that.
    I'd better begin, and end it tonight just in case the same thing happens again.
    It's nice to get some time off work for a change. It took me a few seconds to remember how to turn the computer on.

    My daughter's pony, Ellie, picked up a passenger a few days ago. Despite what she does for a living my spawn is oddly squeamish about ticks so it's always me who has to deal with it. Usually I knock them out with some ether before removing the little sods completely, but this little girl has such strong fur that it's claws couldn't get through and she peered down scornfully after I plucked it off before stamping it into oblivion. I love this little pony. 
    For a sense of scale, picture a Mars Bar next to her and it would be half way upto her shoulders.