Monday, 11 July 2016

Windows 10 problem fixed - ish

I have a whole day off work and hardly know what to do with myself. Thus I decided to fix something that really, really, really bugs me about Windows 10. A great many things bug me with Windows 10 but this is probably one of the worst.
    The damn thing won't switch off!

    I scanned the net and found a dozen fixes, all of which involve messing about with the registry - a place I've never wanted to visit, and most of the people who've tried it and emerged with an intact PC claim that it doesn't work, anyway.

    Finally I've found an antidote to the "Taskhost says no," or  "I'm not switching off no matter what you do - so there!" problem

    I'm so old I still use a lot of the pre-mouse commands, mainly because I'm old, but usually because they're so much better than the mouse commands. Windows had to leave them in for Luddites like me. Google a list if you want to see them; they're so much easier.

    Straying from the point.

    Whether you use the usual means of turning off the machine, or like me use ALT F4  followed by Enter, just hold down the Shift key as you turn it off. It works every time and there's no way you can do any harm to the notoriously flimsy operating system by holding down aforementioned key.

    So if I've done nothing else constructive today I may have helped someone turn off Gates' latest monstrosity without just holding down the power key (a major pain) or switching it off at the wall (not the wisest thing to do.

PS. I finally found the plot for my end-of-the-world novel. It absolutely has not been used anywhere else. That might be because the concept if c*** but if I work it right I should be able to come up with lots of blood and guts - yummy.


  1. Windows 10 is undoubtedly a PITA.

  2. I had to look that up, and you're right, it really is.