Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Antibes was a breeze

Well actually it wasn't. Not so much as a whisper of wind disturbed me for six whole days.
    I'm amazed that I used to live down there for over a decade and laughed at 40-45 degrees (that's 110-120f  in old money). And all those years I lived in the arctic in the Royal Marines I used to sneer at -60/70. I'll bet I wouldn't be laughing or sneering any more - probably crying like a girl. It's just age I suppose.

    I met and worked with a decent Bulgarian bloke while I was over there, a man whom I first thought was being annoyingly obtuse until he told me that bulgarians, or at least in the part of Bulgaria he comes from nod their heads when they mean no and shake when they mean yes.

   And there was no tea!!!!!!

  I'm glad to be back and the next time I start whining on about the continuous rain in England just tell me to shut my yap.


  1. How on earth did you cope without tea????

  2. It was tricky. There was tea but the water is so hard down there that everything tastes like dish water. I drank an awful lot of Badoit.

  3. ye gads! 110??? I like it warm, but that's all yours! :p

  4. It's fine when one is cruising about on (someone else's) yacht or eighty five knot racing boat. Otherwise it's just 'orrible.

  5. You took the words right out of my tea-less mouth