Thursday, 1 September 2016

Still waiting.

A few weeks ago (before I had to trek to the tea-less wastes) I mentioned that I'd finally pulled out the proverbial finger and converted my books to paperback via CreateSpace.
    Well they still haven't come. I'd be a teensy bit more understanding if they were coming from The US or even somewhere distant like, say France. But they're being printed in England.
    You could run the length of this soggy little island, all the way from John 'O Groats to Lands end in about twenty minutes.
    so: I'm waaiittiing!


  1. My CreareSpace order came right away. Maybe you should sic some mad horses on them?

  2. I was considering it, until they all came today. It would have been nice if the postman hadn't tried to ram all four through the letter box at the same time, but you can't have everything.

  3. That's strange that they're taking so long.

  4. They're here now, but they still took over three weeks. A disabled slug could have got them here faster.