Friday, 5 August 2016

I know I've said this before but...

Now that I've found a site, whose contributors are far better at digital art than I ever will be, I've done my last painting - for a while. I think $50-ish dollars for a great book cover is well worth the money.
    This is the same as the last one, except that I erased everything below the skyline and started again. I know I've got the reflected sun in the wrong place but I can't be bothered to change it. It's a little like writing: even when you know a scene/character/subplot isn't right, it's always hard to consign them to the deep. For me it's the same with painting. But I did and this is the result, my last, at least until I've finished my next novel. 
    I still haven't decided whether it's to be the fourth in the Kongomato trilogy, or the one I've been working on for weeks: Apocalypse sans zombies. Doesn't matter, really. One has to come first. Never again will I write two (or more) simultaneously.
     That might be alright for some well known authors, who in all likelihood have a team of people working for them, but not for me. 
    I've downloaded the newest update of TextMaker, which I still maintain is far better than Word and a fraction of the cost, and shall begin, well why not today? Just got collect my stash of Mars Bars and Bovril. Yes I know I'm gross but it keeps me going for weeks.


  1. Like I said, you're talented all the way around. 50 dollars for a bookcover is a great price.

  2. I'll give you the site address if you like. The only thing is, they use royalty free images and there's always the small chance that someone else has it, too.