Sunday, 7 August 2016

Scions of Kongomato

I'm running out of titles for my Kongomato series. This time I'm using Scions of... I'll probably change it but after eight months of happy idleness I've finally begun number 4. My typing muscles are a little atrophied and just three pages later it felt like I'd just worked out at the gym, so it will take while before I get back to my usual 5000 minimum words per day.
    In fact this one may take longer than all the others because I've decided to take on CreateSpace again and put both two and three into paperback form. I don't know about the rest of you but just putting page numbers and headers is positively the hardest thing about it. I haven't tried it with TextMaker yet, so hopefully it will be easier.
    I was going to do some more tonight but instead I'm going to look through the vast catalogue of book covers on that site I found and hopefully find one that will suite Kongo 4 before someone else gets it.

    This isn't a clue. I was just wondering how many Gimp filters I could use in a single painting.
Seven on this one.


  1. You are quite talented. I hire out to format the book and the cover.

  2. Maybe I should hire someone to do it for me before I (almost) take another brick to the computer.

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  4. If you want, I can send you one of mine, it has page numbers and headers. You just paste your chapters over mine and edit the headers. That's what I do for each book :p

  5. You'll be my hero(ine) forever if you do.

  6. Yippee I’ve been waiting for the paperback version of numbers 2 & 3 and would like to put in an advance order for a signed copy of each to sit next to number one I’m sorry I’m old-fashioned and I don’t care who knows it!
    I've just read Joleene's comment - what a lovely person she is.

  7. I have a few days off so I'll begin the process. I've also finished chapter one of number 4. This one's going to be bloody.
    Yes, jo's a star. The page numbering and header thing is a major pain.