Saturday, 13 August 2016

I've got the bug now.

Not content with converting my Kongomato books from Kindle to paperback, I found myself with a day free and did The Book of Pain as well. Of course I don't know how they're going to look in proof form, even though the on-line editor says they're fine. I learnt that mistake the first time I tried to do it and haven't done so again until now.
Whatever, I'll persevere until they're finished. I promised myself that I'd do at least some publicity on my work this year, even though I hate it and would rather just be writing. Kongomato 4 is coming along and it's going to be really bloody. I wonder how my creatures will fare in the big apple.

I've had two major updates to my Windows 10 (spit) in the last twenty four hours, but I've still to get the anniversary edition. I wonder if I've upset Mr gates by denigrating his product. Honest, Bill I love Windows 10 (spit).


  1. Amazing how our thoughts always turn to our works.
    The big apple? I can't wait.

  2. New York's just the beginning. They're hungry.