Saturday, 1 October 2016

After a truly cruddy week...

I've been enjoying this video and for the first time in ages I giggled like a little girl.
For the few who have never heard of him, you really should check out Randy Rainbow . A lot of people go into great lengths about the different types of humour displayed by the Americans and English but this guy really cracks me up.

    And while we're talking about cruddy weeks - not that anyone was - I've got to go and pick up my daughter from the airport tonight after her holiday at 01.30. And it's a two hour drive home.

    On the plus side I'm nearly one hundred pages into Kongomato 4. Pretty soon I get to start destroying stuff. Can't wait.


  1. Okay. The guy was pretty funny. Good job on Kongomato 4.

  2. Thanks. He is a busy one. I get another vid almost every day.