Sunday, 27 November 2016

I had a different kind of black Friday

Almost an anti-Black Friday if you like.

    I don't ride a real man's bike anymore. I have a scooter. When I had a bike I used to do all the servicing and repairs myself, but with scooters it's a lot harder as it required a little less time to construct the Titanic than it does to haul off all the plastic to replace a stupid little £1.50 light bulb. 
    So I let them do it.
    It needed two sets of brake pads, but as I only have single discs fore and aft, £40 quid each I thought.
    A new rear brake disc, and I know that only costs £60.
    A new drive belt. £80. 
    So, add an hour or so's labour for a max price of about £350 and my daughter (alleged) still gets a good Christmas.
    Five hundred quid.
    I could almost have bought another scooter for that!

   I just went down to PC World, missing the sales by about twenty seconds and bought an external hard drive roughly the size of the brick I lobbed at Mr fox the other night. I'm going to back everything up on my clockwork PC. So, as my USB 3 socket's kaput, I'll be back in about three weeks.

    They're looking a little jaded but still going strong.

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