Friday, 25 November 2016

Me and the fox - again.

I discovered the local dog fox taking a...well you can guess what on my flowers tonight. As it's always dark here I suppose he thought it was night time. Only a badly aimed brick saved the flowers and his spine from serious damage. Although I will have to explain to her indoors why there's now a large brick- shaped dent in our front lawn.

    I missed black Friday today as I was working. It's a pity really since my tablet chose this day to croak, and my phone chose this day to croak, and my computer backup chose this day to find it's way into my daughter's room, electing to be used to store her rubbish music. Now I'll have to do it all over again, but as my files have grown to 83 Gb I'll have to go to the computer shop the day after black Friday, when the prices shoot up to unheard heights to buy a flash drive the size of my house, and as my super fast USB 3 drive chose this day to croak I bet it will take my USB 2 drive until the next millennium to back it all up. 

    I'm sensing a trend here. 

    I might use tomorrow's trip to PC World to buy myself a notebook - the kind with pages. I wrote my first three novels with a pen. I could get used to it again. And the next time the dog fox comes 'a calling, I can chuck my useless computer at it.

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