Thursday, 29 December 2016

After forty hours without sleep...

I don't like coffee and never drink it.
    But yesterday I had to take a gorgeous Bentley to the south of France. Not this one but another just like it.
    In order to keep myself awake and not bend it, because the boss wouldn't be impressed, I drank a lot of coffee - a lot of coffee.
    When I eventually finished the 1440 km run I was exhausted, but so much coffee was still spinning around my head that I couldn't sleep.
    I'm back home now and after forty hours the coffee has finally gone, so I finally will be, too. 
    See you in a few days, or weeks. I'm so tired I don't even......


  1. I could never drink that much coffee, but at least you got through that shift.

  2. It seemed that the coffee hadn't gone at all. It was about 05.30 before I dropped off. I'm getting too old for this.