Friday, 2 December 2016

Hell's angle

Sitting at the traffic lights tonight on my less than manly scooter, the other one that works, at least for the moment, a biker pulled up beside me. With a peanut helmet and beard down to his knees he certainly looked the part. Jeans that hadn't been washed, well ever, and a ragged Harley Davidson leather jacket, proved that he meant business. And from the fearless expression on his face the lack of goggles showed me that he sneered, nay scoffed at insects or other flying debris impacting his exposed eyelids. After glaring at me just once he turned back to wait for the green light, then roared off.
    The only thing to mar this display of rampant manhood was the tiny little Honda 125 on which he sat that even my scooter could have blown away. I considered doing it just from spite but didn't want to ruin his day. 
    I get my now fixed hog back tomorrow. I discovered what was wrong with it but still haven't got a price. Wait for my scream about 11.00 UK time when they tell me.


  1. Replies
    1. I think I saw him again a couple of days later on a big, raunchy harley. Lucky lucky him.