Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I smell a scam

I don't really do controversy on this blog but just for a change I feel that I have to.

    For all those non residents of England who are good enough to read my ramblings the following will mean little but for the rest of us it's a common problem.

    Uptil a few years ago I had my motorbikes insured by an insurance agent called the AA. And every year the price went up a little, or a lot depending on inflation and how many scams were pulled on them. Then a couple of years ago they tried to increase my premiums by about thirty percent.

    Now I know (because I asked) that the underwriters were a company called AXA. 

    So switch, I told myself. And I did. Found another broker and he gave me a new deal, in fact saving me a few quid on my ordinary price. My happiness was complete until I discovered that the new underwriters were AXA.

    Why couldn't I get the same price from the AA? I demanded. Because that's what the algorithm said blah blah blah. Load of old rubbish, but I let it go.
    Today I spent hours trying to insure my new mega bike. As explained earlier, a truly huge behemoth of 330cc. My original underwriters wouldn't accept such an enormous bike so I told my insurance agent to get me another deal. Four hours, and a lot of haggling later, I did. Then I asked. The underwriters? you guessed it.

    It's the same with my utilities. Every year I'm a rate tart and change my supplier because they always put up their prices to an obscene degree. A few weeks ago I changed my provider from latest one to the one I had the year before that because they were offering me a thirty percent reduction.

    So why couldn't they have just offered me that the year before - or simply not demanded a thirty percent increase, when they knew that by so doing I, and several hundred thousand other people would just switch?

    Alright, rant over. Saved myself some money - apart from the premium rate phone calls, waiting for hours for someone to answer thereby earning themselves even more money.

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