Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I've just been to the dump

The Community Refuse Centre/the Council Recycling Facility, or to lesser mortals "The Tip" was very busy today as it's almost Easter, and whilst waiting in the hundred mile queue to get in something occurred to me as I inhaled the noxious aroma of last autumn's grass which had turned into almost neat alcohol. 
    In the same vein as silent trees collapsing in silent forests, (how do you spell vein in this context? Vein, vain, vane?) and I know it's a little existential, but what does one do with old rubbish bags?
    And now that I'm back another problem is assailing me. I know that things get liberated all the time; or boosted, stolen or just plain knicked, but I'm in the process of buying another scooter which I plan to pick up in a couple of days, but from all the trouble I'm having insuring the damned thing you'd have thought it was some kind of superbike. I've been riding for over fourty years; I have a full no-claims bonus, and its only a measly 330cc scooter. But no one will touch it.

      I used to have something like this below and it cost me almost nothing to insure. I'm forsaking any kind of street cred with that hair drier above and they're still picking on me.


  1. I can’t help with the rubbish bag question – rubbish bags are Terry’s department! I think you’ve used the right vein, although you’re asking the wrong person, my spelling is atrocious! As for the rest, for some reason, these words keep repeating in my brain "Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!" :-)

  2. I just dumped them as I'd torn them apart. It didn't seem such a waste that way.
    I remember those words but not the film. I think it was a Carry on.

  3. I had to look it up because I also remembered the words but not where they were from - Kenneth Williams as Julius Caesar in Carry On Cleo. So now we both know. Beautiful day in Somerset so I’m going to enjoy it while it last, hope the sun is shining for you.

  4. That was the one. It is very hot and I've been riding my new hog. Even most of London seems to have gone. Whence I know not where, and neither do I care.