Friday, 9 June 2017


Someone gave me a five dollar bill (US) and on the back is printed: By God We Must
    I suppose I should assume that it wasn't printed by the US Mint?
    We don't have that problem over here. Or rather we do, but as so many of our coins and notes are bent we just use them anyway. Better to get rid of them than have them taken off us and lose the value.
    Just a few weeks ago in England we changed our one pound coins. The day before, I went to the bank and gave them twenty pounds for some pounds coins - I do a lot of parking. Now it turns out that seventeen were bent. I'm going to use them, anyway as it'll be weeks before all the meters are re-calibrated for the new, heavier coins.
    The only reason I'm boring you all with this is that in my money collection, alongside a (real) silver dollar and several dozen foreign notes all bearing enormous numbers, like the sixty billion Reischsmark note, is a one hundred year old one pound note. I'm afraid to take it to the bank because my dad gave it to me when I was a child. I was going to give it to my daughter.
    Better not to know I suppose.


  1. I just had a look on ebay Roger (in the sold section), if it happens to be a white one pound note from 1914 - 1917 it could be worth something! You could always take a peek online before giving it to your daughter - just in case! :)

  2. It might have been white once. but don't forget, I'm an oldy. It was a hundred years old when I was a child which makes it a lot earlier than 1914.
    1066 bc according to my daughter (allegedly)