Sunday, 6 August 2017

After three weeks I finally got it.

I finally got my new bike.

    Although calling it a bike is a bit of an overstatement, really.

    I then almost buggered the whole thing up by putting diesel into it while leering at a proper motorbike in the petrol station.

    Compared to my own last proper bike it's a bit girly.

    I had to sell that one because my daughter (allegedly) needed a car. But then I would have had to get rid of it anyway because it was just too wide to get down the horrible road I have to travel everyday: the A40.

    Don't care. I've finally got the replacement for my other scooter which now has about a billion miles on the clock while I've been waiting. And I've spent an utter fortune on cables and locks. I know if they want it, then they (the scumbag thieves) will take it. I chose this one because its a newer version of the one I already have and is slow and a little boring but does get me through the traffic. So (and I'm ashamed to say this) I hope they'll pick on someone else.


  1. I hope they pick on someone else too Roger, better yet I hope they decide to live an honest and God-fearing life! Doubtful I know but we can all live in hope.
    Now just be careful on that horrible road! Our son sold his bike last year, and it was a red-letter day as far as we were concerned!

  2. It would be for my wife if I did, but there's no other way to get to work unless I spend all of my wages on parking in central London. I gt a call from the police the other day. Apparently they found some forensic evidence on the cable they hacked through to nick the bike. If they can attach it to anyone they know they want me to go to court. I will, although all I can tell them is that someone tried to nick my bike but I wasn't there. But if it helps to get him/them off the streets for a while I'll go for it.